A New Banner For Cleveland
The goal was to design a new banner that would hang on the global headquarters of the Sherwin-Williams building in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.
Brainstorming & Design Process
My main inspiration were the Guardians of Transportation. They are very popular amongst Clevelanders and represent the pride, toughness and history of the city.
Final Design
The final design features a mosaic of the Guardian which is made up of thousands of photos sent in by Clevelanders. All For The Land, a nod to the Cavaliers original and current DNA statement of unity and teamwork, is displayed to the right accompanied by the Cavs and Destination Cleveland logos.
Bringing the Banner to Life
The banner is 110 feet tall by 210 feet wide. It took two weeks to print and sew together and two days to install on the building. The file size to create the banner was 65 GB and contained 2,500+ fan photos.
The Cleveland Plain Dealer the day after the banner went up.
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